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Missing and Goals
“The primary focus and mission of the Voice for the Children is the recovery of parentally abducted children nationally and internationally.”

Please help us educate the children and bring them home safely.

The Truth About Parental Abduction When Famillies are ripped apart, parents, children, relatives, friends, business, organizations, institutions, and governments all suffer.

What is parental abduction? Parental abduction is the deliberate taking and concealing of a child by a parent without the consent of the child nor the parent.

Marianne Malky - Professional Woman of the Year The National Assoc. of Professional Women, commended Marianne Malky on her selection by the Board of Directors as a 2010/2011 "Professional Woman of the Year". Congratulations are in order for her outstanding leadership and commitment within her profession. Her expanded profile is published and linked to the NAPW homepage and her biography is available by clicking here.

Have you ever wondered . . .

You might be a parentally abducted (KIDNAPPED CHILD) if your name has been changed, OR if you were told your other parent doesn't love you, or want you, or they are no longer alive.


It Used To Be Like This...

Voice For The Children has created a comic for the young mind to plant the seed of awareness. It covers Stranger Abduction as well as Parental Abduction.

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And Now It Feels Like This.


Who, Where and Why. Parental Abduction information and resources. Don't be a victim. Arm yourself with information.

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I wonder if my child is safe.

Walk in the footsteps of the victimized parents who struggle emotionally and financially trying to locate their children that have been kidnapped by a spouse!

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